My Three Favorite Radios For Ham Radio - CB Radio and Shortwave Radio
Kenwood TS-990S Ham Radio
Galaxy DX-2547 CB Radio Base
Tecsun S2000 Shortwave Radio

Three Things That Every Ham Radio Operator Needs In Their Ham Shack To Get The Signal Out Is A Good Ham Radio, Excellent Antenna and A Powerful Ham Radio Amplifier To Break Up The Crowd And Make The Contact.

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Ham Radio - CB Radio - Shortwave Radio is an affiliate website that will be promoting awesome deals on Amazon. I will be promoting to customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. My online affiliate store will become synonymous with excellent quality items for the ham radio, cb radio and shortwave radio hobbies, and I will ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and special items that fit any budget. Check us out and start shopping today!

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My name is Dan and my call sign is KC2YTI. I have my General Ham License since June 2010. I have been a CB Radio Operator since the late 70s and love Shortwave Radio as well.

Online Website Only 24 Hours A Day

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